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museo di arte moderna
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di trento e rovereto





The first Italian museum to host a Resident Wikipedian, among the main partners of the Google Cultural Institute, the Mart is also on Telegram and Messenger, once again in pole position.
Created in collaboration with Dimension, a company from Trento, Martmuseumbot accompanies visitors in the discovery of the museum.





Confirming its commitment to research, innovation and digital communication, all strategic assets of contemporary institutions, in 2016 the Mart, along with Dimension, launched Martmuseumbot: a new concept in guided visits available on Telegram. Loaded with information, suggestions and curiosities, this interactive digital guide accompanies visitors both inside and outside the museum, sharing their discovery of the architecture, the permanent Collections and temporary exhibitions.
Thanks to the informal communication style, visitors to the Mart establish a direct relationship with the museum through a dialogue that makes it possible to personalize their own exploration of the spaces and exhibitions.
As of late 2017, Martmuseumbot is also available on Messenger, the messaging service of Facebook, the most popular social network on the planet. For museum visitors and users with smartphones or desktops, there’s an automated interface that allows them to explore the museum through a free digital video guide, rich with anecdotes and images and constantly updated. The chatbot also makes it possible to get museum contacts and info easily and instantly. There are multiple points along the way to deactivate the bot and write a message directly to the museum. Martmuseumbot is available in Italian and in English.

The initiative, in addition to filling the museum’s need to use styles and languages of communication suited to a young and contemporary audience, exploits the success of messaging technologies, using already widely used software without requiring users to download additional apps.

The bot is already available to visitors. To use it with your own smartphone, all you need to do is add Martmuseumbot to your Telegram or Messenger account: @martmuseumbot on Telegram, @martrovereto on Messenger. Once it’s set up, it becomes possible, through a series of choices, to construct a personalized journey through the museum, which can be varied each time. Images and other contents add further stimuli to the exploration, which can be done on site or remotely, perhaps in preparation for a real-life visit to the museum. Technically, the app uses bots, or automated chat software that interacts with the user, proposing different options depending on the input.


The project

The felicitous encounter between Mart and Dimension grew out of the Museum-FI Creative Ring Challenge, an event designed to bring ICT companies and museums or cultural institutions from the Trentino together.
Promoted by the European Commission as part of the international accelerator Creati-FI and in Trentino by Trentino Sviluppo, under the patronage of the Autonomous Province of Trento, and in collaboration with HUB Trentini, the program financially supports the five best development projects for innovative ICT solutions in the cultural institutions of the territory.
Among the finalists of the more than 200 international projects proposed in four European hubs, Martmuseumbot was presented at the Creative Ring Meeting in Barcelona on 16 June 2017 and received a grant of 50 thousand Euros.
After a development phase of about three months and a series of usability tests conducted with visitors to the museum, the guide was launched on Telegram.
In a later phase the service was implemented and made available on Facebook Messenger as well.