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  • Pablo Echaurren, Illustrazione per "Cartier", 2004, acquerello e inchiostro su carta, Mart, Donazione Fondazione Echaurren Salaris
  • Pablo Echaurren, "Stato liquido-Poste sottomarine", francobolli d’artista, F.U.N., Bertiolo 2002
  • Pablo Echaurren, Tavola con fumetto deturnato, 1977, collage e inchiostro su carta, Mart, donazione Fondazione Echaurren Salaris

Focus | The Pablo Echaurren Donation

Mart Rovereto
07 April 2019 / 30 June 2019

n independent artist, political activist and intellectual, throughout his long career, Pablo Echaurren (1951) has explored painting, illustration, ceramics, graphic design, writing, and performance. During the 1970s and 1980s, he became a leading figure of the Indiani metropolitani (Metropolitan Indians) youth movement, he began to dip his toe into the world of Futurist publishing and became an established cartoonist.
The Mart is dedicating a show to this multi-faceted artist, with a focus on a number of works and documents donated to the Museum. The collection showcases the core of this large body of artistic work, based on research into words and images, experimental publishing and Counter-culture.

From his beginnings to his most recent experiences, this exhibition shines a light on some of the subjects that Echaurren holds dear to his heart: the abolition of the hierarchy between high- and low-brow culture, breaking the boundaries between genres and in other disciplines, and reinterpreting the historic avant-garde through popular mediums, such as cartoons.
This exhibition brings together collages, books, posters, graphic design, works on paper and various oddities, such as artist stickers and stamps, accompanied by a selection of videos taken from an interview with the artist and other audio-visual material.


Curated by Duccio Dogheria, Denis Isaia, Mariarosa Mariech